It is critical to periodically review your portfolio to ensure that it continues to reflect the changes in your financial picture and the investment industry.

You can count on one constant in your financial life; things change.  Your goals evolve, kids get older, and priorities shift.  Beyond changes in your personal financial situation, the investment industry changes as well.  New investment choices are made available, the economy moves through cycles, and the stock markets seems to have become increasingly volatile.


You will receive a personalized report including
important checkpoints to ensure you are on course.



What are the distinct purposes for each investment in my portfolio?

Are all of my investments and individual accounts coordinated together to meet my goals?


Should my accounts be reorganized to minimize taxes or costs?

What are the true costs associated with all aspects of my portfolio?


Is my allocation of assets appropriate based on my goals and risk tolerance?

Do I have the necessary diversification to control and manage all possible risks?



Do I have too much or, possibly even too little risk in my portfolio?

How should I evaluate my portfolio’s risk truly understand how it could affect my financial life?


Are my returns appropriate and what they be compared to?

How can I assess my long-term portfolio return when some of my investments have limited history?



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