How We Can Help

Financial planning is a top priority - but many people spend more time planning vacations or researching which car to buy. There are two fundamental components to developing a successful financial plan. We provide a clear and direct solution to help you implement a plan. 


"People Don't Plan to fail, they fail to plan."


"If you AIM at nothing, you'll hit it every time."


Complete Planning

Our approach is not centered on specific financial products, but on solutions.  Financial planning extends beyond investments and should include any factor that can impact your financial situation.  Not every financial advisory firm takes such a broad view.  Although our firm does not necessarily deliver all of these services, we seamlessly integrate them into your financial plan.  By considering the impact of your financial decisions across all of these areas, our goal is to remove any unnecessary risk, prevent costly mistakes, and help you efficiently reach your goals.



  • Formulate a complete wealth management plan that strives to address all of your retirement planning needs

  • Coordinate all of your current and future income, including social security and pension benefits, with the goal of building a sustainable and predictable retirement plan

  • Structure your investments appropriately according to a well-defined accumulation or distribution strategy


  • Determine which of your accounts should hold the investment types dictated by your investment plan in an effort to minimize your taxes

  • Discuss strategies involving tax-deferral and Roth IRAs that are designed to reduce your long-term tax burden

  • Assess your capital gains and investment income with the goal of minimizing their tax impact


  • Tailor a portion of your investments to any short-term reserve needs and planned expense requirements

  • Ensure your overall investment allocation matches your risk tolerance and return goals

  • Customize your portfolio based on your total portfolio of assets and any unique needs or considerations


  • Understand your healthcare with the goal of maximizing your benefits

  • Review any potential or professional liabilities to ensure appropriate coverage is in place

  • Determine your long-term care needs and help you implement a plan based on your priorities and resources



  • Ensure your wills and trusts are current and consistent with your intentions

  • Review your asset ownership and beneficiary information to identify any methods to increase the after-tax value transferred to your heirs

  • Assess your life insurance needs and discuss any strategies to help achieve your legacy planning goals



A consistent planning process serves as the foundation for successful financial plans. This helps you properly evaluate financial decisions and ensure all of the necessary components are considered. The planning process is designed to understand your unique financial situation, while offering flexibility to adapt the financial plan as your circumstances evolve. Our AIM Planning Process directs this approach and includes three distinct steps.